On Time or On Trendway

Our Promise

Trendway is committed to — and known for —exceptional on time shipment performance. We are so confident in our ability to ship on time that we extend a reassuring promise: On Time or On Trendway. Yes, on time, or it’s on us…free!


It works this way. When we receive your order, we do our homework. We make sure the materials and production capacity for your order are available and reserved, to ensure that we have your order ready to ship on the day promised.


When you ask for a ship date, we will acknowledge on that date – or as close to that date as possible. When you request a delivery date, we plan our schedule to meet that date.


Dealers can watch Trendealer and when they see “Shipped”, you’ll know the truck is loaded and ready to go.


If any part of your order is not ready to ship on the day promised we will tell you – and that part of your order will be free!


One more thing – you’re not likely to get any free furniture. We ship on time. We’re really good at keeping promises!



Please note:
We commit to being ready to ship your products as promised. However, we want to provide you the best delivery service possible. We may hold your order briefly to combine it with other orders on the planned delivery route. We know that a full truckload shipment offers a much more reliable method of shipment when compared to LTL (less than truckload), with less variable travel and delivery time, and less shipping damage. It also reduces fuel consumption and better conserves natural resources